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"I like using opposites, things most people would not consider putting together.  It is easy to think of Cinderella as being the nice, mistreated, poor girl with a heart of gold being rescued by Prince Charming.  But what if Cinderella has some spice, and is willing to get into Prince Charming's face.  What if she is anything but what Prince Charming expected, and he turns out to be the opposite of what she expected.  Then, add some outside conflict and see what happens.  This always make for a good story, especially when based around historical events."... Major Mitchell

It is with the same sense of adventure that we welcome you to the official Major Mitchell web site.  Whether you are new to the thrilling historical fiction of Major Mitchell, or one of his die-hard fans, you'll get the most in-depth and personal look at the man and his work.  Every month you'll receive a new personal article inside The Front Porch written by the author himself, describing the ins and outs of publishing, and helpful hints on writing.  Many of these articles are taken from talks and seminars Major has conducted at schools and writers conventions.

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