Lessons from Molly

Here are some things I’ve learned since being adopted by my human parents.

  1. It is important to find a good hiding spot, like the one in the picture. This is important for several reasons. It helps you win games in the back yard, but it is also important when you forget and do something that makes your humans angry, like digging up the flower bed.
  2. It’s important to use an inside voice in the house when you are trying to tell or explain something to your humans. This one is really, really hard since I don’t have an inside voice. I haven’t made them understand this one yet.
  3. Eat all the snacks your humans give you, because they taste good and are good for you. Sometimes your humans might ask you to perform a trick like roll over or shake paws, but they are always worth it.
  4. Don’t eat snacks from the gutter or that are thrown away when you take a walk. I tried this and they don’t always taste good, and sometimes they are covered with ants. Ants can sting and bite you.
  5. Always take your bath when your humans want to give you one. First of all, they are always going to win. You can run and hide, but they know all the hiding places and will find you. If you can remember to be good while getting bathed, you’ll get a treat in the end.
  6. Enjoy little children when you can. Little children grow up to be obnoxious teenagers and won’t want to play with you. Also, remember to check on little children when they spend the night. Do this several times during the night to make sure they are alright.
  7. Don’t climb into people’s laps, even when they tell you to. My humans don’t like it when I do.
  8. Enjoy your walks and exercise time outdoors, especially when you live in California like I do. You’ll never know when the governor and his friends in Sacramento will want to let the forests burn up.
  9. Be careful when hunting blue-bellied lizards. They can release their tails if you catch one, and grow a new tail. It can freak you out.
  10. Don’t bug your humans when they are sitting at the desk working, even if you do want to run and play with your toys. It can cause you to be put inside your kennel.
  11. I’ve learned other things also and will share them later. It gets hard to type when you have paws instead of fingers. Goodbye.


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