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The Witch on Oak Street

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Five Stars from the Midwest Book Review

A series of stories about a young girl in various life adventures with a Christian perspective.

Nine year-old Debbie Folino believes she can do most anything. But when she takes a dare to trick-or-treat the witch living in the spooky house at the end of Oak Street, she discovers eighty-year-old Sara Baker, who changes her life forever and introduces Debbie to someone even more important, Jesus Christ.

"Debbie Folino and her companions will treat you to great times of reading delight (with their) adventures and antics. You may hear yourself laughing out loud or, be wiping a tear from your eyes." J. Kent Roberts, Pastor, The River.

"The Witch on Oak Street is a delightful series. Major Mitchell does a wonderful job of sharing Debbie's adventures in life as she grows up and grows in Christ." Monica Patterson, 6th & 7th grade educator and Christian Mother