What God Has Made

I was reading my Bible this morning and God sort of thumped me on the head…like he seems to have a habit of doing now and then. Genesis 1:1 says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” That sounds rather elementary and most people pass right over it without stopping. But if a person slows down and pauses at this verse, they might discover a treasure waiting to be discovered.

First of all, the author of Genesis does not argue with the reader that God does or does not exist. He simply states that he created . What did he create? The heavens and the earth. The author doesn’t argue as to whether God exists or not. He doesn’t say if God used union angels to do the construction, or what pay scale the workers received. One is led to believe God didn’t use any angels at all. The author simply says “…God created…” What a great promise to remember as we go about our daily tasks, whatever they may be. No matter how in or out of control the day may be, the God I serve is the same God that created this old world and everything in it. When my world seems to be falling apart, he will be there to catch me before I fall.

God bless.


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